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Building owners: ask us about our Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Retail Lease Agreements for the utmost protection of your investments.

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Business Law

Business Law

Business Owners: The Law Offices of Eugene Yun offers Comprehensive Analysis of your business and your business practices. We bring vast experience in both business consulting and business law and litigation. In most scenarios, people establish and operate their businesses without considering the many core protections that are available to them under the law. We agree with most business owners that considering legal nuances is not the most important aspect of running a business, but rather, the most important aspect of running a business is making sure that promised products and services are delivered or rendered, and collecting revenue as a result. Although this overview is simple enough, any seasoned businessman or woman will tell you that things can get complicated very quickly when disagreements between any of the parties involved arise. We established our practice to help guide business owners through the nuances of the law, to provide business owners with the greatest amount of protection (both financial and legal) while always keeping in mind that the goal is to minimize negative impact while optimizing the performance of and protections for your business, yourself and your income stream.


Contracts are the foundation upon which business relationships, transactions, and acknowledgements are built upon. A well drawn contract will save you time, stress and money by putting your agreement with another (or multiple) party into written words. The benefits of having our offices draft a contract on your behalf are many. The first benefit can be seen while negotiating the terms of contract. Parties to the contract can see in writing what is expected of them and what they should expect from the other party or parties. Having a clear cut understanding of what is expected out of a business agreement, including the details of the timing of actions, the quantity or quality of actions or goods or services, the events that trigger payment and the timing and nature of payments, etc., is of utmost importance when starting or continuing a business relationship. Although many business owners continue to operate with verbal or very simple written contracts, and have operated successfully in such a manner for many years, business disputes can happen so easily, and simple misunderstandings can turn into very complex and expensive litigation at a moment's notice.

Contracts are entered into for the sake of all parties involved. In addition to providing protections to all parties, a well written contract can state how each partys' liability will be determined, how the parties will resolve disputes, what recourse outside of litigation will be available to the parties, etc.

The types of contracts available and the nature of their drafting are as varied as the imaginations of the parties involved and the attorney drafting the contract. Our offices provide our clients with the unique blend of award-winning creative writing experience and solid and exacting legal drafting experience. Our contracts have stood the tests of minor business disputes to full blown and complex litigation. Our offices will draft your contracts to the most exacting standards while at the same time understanding the benefits of purposefully vague language, and perhaps more importantly, how to strategically implement the appropriate combination of exact and vague, to suit your specific business needs.

Samples of Contracts We Have Drafted For Our Clients Include:

        »  Buy / Sell Agreements
        »  Real Estate Transactions
        »  Business Brokerage (Buying or Selling a Business)
        »  Exclusive Distributorship Agreements
        »  Franchise Agreements
        »  Promissory Notes Secured by Deeds of Trust
        »  Contract Employee Agreements
        »  Lease and Lease Amendment Contracts

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Business Litigation

Throughout the course of owning and operating a business, an unfortunate reality is that you may have to sue someone, or someone may sue you. The course of litigation (or law suit) can quickly become a complex nightmare. It is imperative that you find a good attorney with experience in business-related litigation to help you not only determine the most favorable options, but also help you find the best course of action. We are a solutions based legal practice, meaning we will help you find the best options possible and then proceed until your options turn into tangible solutions to your legal problems.

Settlement Negotiations: The good news in any business-related law suit is that the great majority of them settle before an actual trial is held. In the pre-trial phase of litigation, our offices can help you effectively negotiate with the other party or parties, come to a comprehensive and firm understanding of the desires of each party, and help you understand in real dollars and cents, whether or not it is actually worth going through trial, and what alternatives may be available to help you achieve your desired goals.

Trial: If, and only if, the parties cannot reach a Settlement Agreement through Settlement Negotiations, either a bench trial or jury trial will become necessary to resolve your issue. Alternatively, there are other non-court options of arbitration or mediation, which each carry their own advantages and disadvantages. It is important that your attorney help you consider all available options, to firmly understand which course of action will be most beneficial, or indeed which course of action may be required. Our offices understand the rigors of trial, and most importantly, we do NOT employ a policy of attempting to avoid trial, as many other law firms do. We are dedicated first and foremost to helping you find the best solutions possible to your legal issues, and we actually look forward to the opportunity to prove it in court.

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Entity Creation
Entity Creation

The law provides business owners with many protections that not only help them run their businesses on a daily basis, but perhaps more importantly, provide a shield from liability, if done properly. Our offices have helped many business owners establish varying types of corporations (INC) and limited liability companies (LLC). The primary benefit of choosing a corporation or LLC as the entity under which you conduct your business, is the inherent limitation of liability. In the most straight forward terms, these entities allow you to separate your personal assets from your business assets. This separation of personal and business is critical for protecting your personal assets. Once you have properly established your business as a corporation or LLC, and you follow the simple rules associated with your entity structure, you have effectively shielded your personal assets from any liability that your business may be exposed to. Whether you are operating a small, medium or large business, establishing your business as a corporation or LLC may be the smartest thing you do in terms of protecting yourself and your family from the "business side of things." During our free initial consultation, we can help you determine which entity structure might be best for your business needs, and discuss the issues of liability and potential tax benefits of each entity type.

Our Entity Creation Services Include

        »  Corporations (including S Corporations, Professional Corporations)
        »  Limited Liability Companies
        »  Partnerships (including Limited Liability Partnerships)
        »  Organizations & Charitable Organizations (501(c)(3))

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International Business Transactions
Intl Bus Trxns

Domestic Business Transactions can become somewhat complicated depending upon the invoice or payment methods determined in the transaction contract. International Business Transactions, due to the very nature of cross-national movement of products, have increasingly become more complicated over the past few years. Our offices can help guide you through the maze of insurance, customs practices of import or export countries, letters of credit, dispute resolution, etc. International Business Transactions are a great way to expand your business and locate new customers. However, the risks associated with doing these types of transactions incorrectly or too hastily can become nightmares if your only recourse is through is foreign country's legal system. Many small businesses are rightfully nervous about attempting to expand overseas, but more often than not, this nervousness can be eliminated with appropriate negotiating, planning and proper execution. Our offices can assist you not only in setting up your business to handle and maintain on-going international business transactions, but can also give you a peace of mind, that should things go wrong, you, your product and your investment are protected.

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Business Brokerage

Buying or Selling a Business: The Law Offices of Eugene Yun offers services in this area as well as connections to many professional business brokers who we have worked with in the past, and further who have been our clients. Whether buying or selling a business, we can help you decide on the right type of business, help you determine an appropriate market price taking into consideration the nature of the business, the location, local competition, help you navigate the nuances of liquor or beer and wine licenses, and finally help you close the sale for the greatest benefit available to you.

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