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Peace of mind through Estate Planning. Come in for a free consultation. When you're ready to have your Estate Plan done, bring a family member or friend for multiple substantial savings.

Real Property Transactions

Building owners: ask us about our Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Retail Lease Agreements for the utmost protection of your investments.

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Property Management

Property Management

Property Management: We provide Full Service Property Management, including the drafting of all lease documents, real time financial analysis of the performance of your properties, and invoice and billing services (incl complex CAM charges).

In today's economy, it is more important than ever to make sure that you are providing the most efficient service while at the same time maintaining a level of quality that your tenants are used to. It is a difficult balancing act that all building owners must face. Let us take a look at your entire property, assign a fair market value to your land, your building and your building income and let us start by advising you of the latest California Department of Real Estate definitions of key elements of leases, including the latest definitions of Rentable Square Feet, for a better understanding of how much property you own and how many square feet are actually available for rent.

Worry Free Full Service Packages
Property Management

We offer a wide range of services, from providing you with simple do-it-yourself tools, to complete, worry-free management of your property and all of the details that proper management entails. Our simplest Property Management Package includes custom built software bundles pre-populated with your building's specific information. Even with our simplest package, you will always be aware of the real-time financial performance of your buildings, complete with at a minimum, a proper legal analysis of your leases, with a focus on any potential problem tenants. Our Full Service Package includes everything from drafting new lease and amendment contracts, complete with the most recent trends in commercial, retail and residential leasing, which will ultimately provide the utmost protection for you and your properties. Our Full Service Package also includes a complete legal and financial analysis of your property, including a five year history, snap-shot real-time, and future productivity for up to fifty years.

We are also available for Redevelopment Lease Buy-Out Analysis, Negotiations and Strategy. While many property owners redevelop their properties to stay viable, they are faced with the obstacle of existing leases, sometimes long terms leases. Allow us to apply our proven methods of performing deep analysis of your property and similar properties in the same geographic area, determining through the analysis the most appropriate buy-out strategies and/or offers, and additionally custom-built software tools accounting for per deal variances against the range of investment cost.

Our Property Management Services Include
      »  Lease Contract Drafting for Commercial, Retail and Residential Real Estate
      »  Amendment Contract Drafting
      »  Lease & Amendment Guarantee Contract Drafting
      »  Lease Document Analysis
      »  Real Time Financial Analysis & Building Performance
      »  Optimal Lease Renewal Analysis & Strategy
      »  Redevelopment Buy-Out or Temporary Premises Negotiations & Strategy
      »  Purchase and Sale Transactions
      »  Ownership Entity & Liability Analysis

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