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Estate Planning / Living Trust

Peace of mind through Estate Planning. Come in for a free consultation. When you're ready to have your Estate Plan done, bring a family member or friend for multiple substantial savings.

Real Property Transactions

Building owners: ask us about our Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Retail Lease Agreements for the utmost protection of your investments.

Solutions Based Legal Practice

Estate Planning It is our priority and our pledge to help you find the best solutions to your legal or business issues.

We start by taking the time necessary to understand our client, our client's issues and perhaps more importantly, our client's priorities and objectives. We understand that different people have different ways of thinking about and acting upon their legal issues. Some people start by being focused on costs, or time, or risk factors, or their involved partners. Some people have a natural inclination to fight, while others have a preference to avoid conflict.

Everyone has their own sets of priorities, and it is not just that we understand this, but we engrain this understanding into the core of our daily practice. The perfect solution for one person may be the worst solution for another. We will work with you to help you achieve your best solution possible.

Let our team analyze the issues involved in your legal or business problems, and present to you options specific to your concerns and priorities. By working closely with our clients, we have the capacity to use every interation as an opportunity to better understand our clients' goals and objectives. Once we have presented you with a few options, discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each, and analyzed the options in the context of your goals and objectives, we can create and fine tune your legal or business strategy focused on attaining the best possible solution. We have found that this "Solutions Based" approach to our practice is precisely what allows us to pin-point and understand our clients' true objectives, implement a focused strategy, and ultimately achieve the best solution possible.

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Solutions for Flat Fees

Estate Planning in California

Create a Standard Estate Plan with our offices and you will gain peace of mind and customized protection of your assets on behalf of your loved ones.
California Real Estate

» Transactions & Leases
» Grant Deeds
» Building Lease Analysis
» Building Financial Analysis
» Tenant Notice Letters
» Buy-Out Analysis
» Lease Consultations

Dispute Negotiation

Every lawsuit can be traced back to a single issue or series of issues. If you have decided that you will file a lawsuit, talk to us about the last few steps you should take before filing your lawsuit to strengthen your case.
Entity Creation

» Corporations (INC, S-CORP, PC)
» Ltd Liability Companies (LLC)
» Charitable Organizations (ORG)
» Talk to us about the type of business you are planning to create, and we can tell you which entity might be right for you.

Contract Drafting

» Buy / Sell Contracts
» Guarantor Agreements
» Exclusive Distributorship
» Franchise Agreements
» Secured Promissory Note
» Deed of Trust
Immigration Services

We are currently offering flat fees on EB5 Visa Entity Creation, Investor Visa Services, Immediate Relative Petitions, Fiancee Petitions, and Permanent Resident and Green Card Services.