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Estate Planning in California - Small Estate Plans

Estate Planning

Small Estate Plans: If everything you own, including your property, bank accounts, retirement accounts, vehicles, cash, and everything else in your home or apartment are all-together worth under $ 150,000 (as of 2012, including real property valued up to $50,000), then you may be able to pass your property to your beneficiaries without going through Probate Court. The definition of a "Small Estate" that may pass without Probate can be found in California Probate Code Sections 13100-13115.

The good news so far is that your property can pass to your beneficiaries without Probate, however, there are many questions that remain: who are your beneficiaries, what will they inherit, who will be the guardians of your minor children, and what will happen with your remains. At the very least, a Last Will and Testament (or Will) can be prepared by our offices to make sure that all of these questions are answered, and that your last wishes are carried out.

Estate Planning

Our Small Estate Plans include the following documents:

      Introduction To Your Estate Plan
      Last Will and Testament / Pour Over Will
      Durable Power of Attorney for Finances
      Advance Health Care Directive
      Instructions for Testator and Executor

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