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Estate Planning / Living Trust

Peace of mind through Estate Planning. Come in for a free consultation. When you're ready to have your Estate Plan done, bring a family member or friend for multiple substantial savings.

Real Property Transactions

Building owners: ask us about our Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Retail Lease Agreements for the utmost protection of your investments.

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Estate Planning in California - Getting Started

We are in the process of determining the most secure manner in which we can collect your personal information to be included in your tailor-made Estate Plan.

Download Our Consultation Form
Estate Planning

For the time being, please click the button to the left or here to download a copy of our offices' proprietary consultation form. You may fill in the information either on computer or by printing it out and filling it in by hand.

IMPORTANT: The Law Offices of Eugene Yun makes this Estate Planning Consultation Form available for current clients and potential clients. By downloading this form you are agreeing to the following: (1) That you intend to use the consultation form SOLELY for the purpose of creating an Estate Plan with The Law Offices of Eugene Yun, (2) That NO attorney/client relationship has been established, and that you understand that said attorney/client relationship can only be established by contract in writing, (3) That you will use this form SOLELY for informational purposes and will not rely on this form without consulting our offices.

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There is a lot of information requested on the form, and it can look overwhelming. So if you're feeling overwhelmed, don't worry about filling in any of the information, we can do that during our consultation. However, we do recommend that you at least glance over the form, at the very least it will get you thinking about what you own in more detail, and hopefully give you some ideas of important aspects to think about. Please give us a call, send us an email or schedule an appointment to talk with us about any specific concerns or questions you may have regarding your potential Estate Plan.

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