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Personal Injury

We have over 30 years of experience in Personal Injury Law. We have seen dynamic changes in Personal Injury Law during this three decade span, and we have stayed ahead of the curve by constantly adapting our practice. However, one thing has remained constant in this sea of change: our persistent dedication to our clients. And our pledge to continue this very dedication.

We know that getting to know our clients is critical toward painting a full picture of their lives before and after an injury. We understand the types of details that are critical to any personal injury action, and we can inform you during our FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION what your options may be depending upon the type and the extent of your injury.

We pride ourselves on our ability to blend our experience with our creativity in devising comprehensive action plans, complete with strategic options as flexible as the complexity that litigation sometimes becomes. You can trust in The Law Offices of Eugene Yun and our pledge to work with you every step of the way toward obtaining the maximum compensation that you deserve.

Personal Injury - General Information

Personal Injury Injuries are an unfortunate by-product of our fast paced, ever changing society. Personal Injury Law is invoked when one party is injured resulting from an intentional or negligent act or failure to act by another party. This area of law falls more generally under the area of Tort Law in California. The law requires an injured party to show that the person (or entity such as a business or corporation) whose act or failure to act caused the injury, had a Duty of Care, or a set of standards upon which action is dictated, owed to the injured party and breached that Duty of Care, which resulted in injuries. In every day language, this could mean a person driving an automobile whose Duty of Care owed to other drivers includes driving safely and in compliance with the California Vehicle Code. This could also mean a doctor whose Duty of Care owed to his patients (and others) includes providing reasonable safety during medical procedures. It is worth noting that different Standards of Care apply to different situations and people, and the Standards of Care define a Duty of Care.

Property Management Duty of Care: As stated above, it is only when an injured party ("Plaintiff") can show that the at-fault party ("Defendant") owes a Duty of Care to the injured party, that the duty was breached or violated, and that the breach resulted in injuries, that a personal injury case can proceed. The Standard of Care or Duty of Care is essentially the law's way of attempting to determine whether a person's actions were negligent, and whether that negligence amounts to a Breach of the Duty of Care. The law provides the vague Reasonable Person Standard as somewhat of a baseline duty of care that parties owe to each other. Therefore, the question in any personal injury action becomes: would a reasonable person have caused or created the circumstances that resulted in injury to the other party? (This Reasonable Person Standard conforms to specialized areas or practices where a Greater Duty of Care is owed, such as the Reasonable Architect, Doctor, Mechanic, Attorney, etc.).

Our Proven Winning Strategy

We excel in understanding how Liability (or the fault, or even percentage of fault, in causing the injury) is determined in California. Our vast knowledge base and experience allows us to begin analysis of your case by identifying the most appropriate Duty of Care, then carefully applying the details and circumstances of your case, including the extent of injuries suffered (or death), to the most important elements of that Duty of Care, in order to establish a firm foundation of liability upon the other party. From that point, we build your case brick by brick, by carefully and specifically understanding, and preparing to explain, the extent of the injuries suffered (including the loss of a loved one). We know that the only way to successfully build this aspect of your case is to work with you, in order to better tell the story of your life and how this injury continues to affect every waking hour of each day. Let us apply our experience, our time-tested strategic approach, and our strength of character to your personal injury action, and allow us to help you.

Our Personal Injury Practice

Talk to us about any issue in which you or someone you know suffered significant injuries or death. Call us for a free consultation to discuss your case. A sampling of our Personal Injury practice areas include:

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      »  Medical Malpractice
      »  Defamation tied to Wrongful Termination
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